How are INTACS Corneal Implants Used


INTACS corneal implants are micro-thin. An ophthalmologist inserts them under the outer edge of your cornea(the surface of your eye) during a brief outpatient procedure.

INTACS corneal implants gently reshape the curvature of your cornea from within , enhancing the natural shape of your eye to correct mild near sightedness. Unlike laser surgery, no corneal tissue is removed from the central optical zone of your cornea & the portion critical to your sight.
You cannot feel INTACS corneal implants once they have been inserted. INTACTS corneal implants are no more visible than contact lenses. No maintenance is required.FOR MORE

WIN RLE – Refractive Lens Exchange


Don’t be disappointed if you are denied for WINLASIK and WIN ICL procedure for your eyes
We have WIN RLE for you. This procedure is similar to the cataract surgery. Here, the clear crystalline lens inside the eye is removed & replaced by an intraocular lens (Multifocal/Trifocal/ Accommodating IOLs) : At WINVISION this procedure is done with the help of Femtosecond Laser (complete blade free and with disposables). This procedure is simple safe and very precise.FOR MORE

Causes of Squints?


The causes of eye misalignment are various, and sometimes unknown. Potential causes include high farsightedness, thyroid eye disease, cataract, eye injuries, myasthenia gravis, cranial nerve palsies, and in some patients it may be caused by brain or birth problems. Six eye muscles control eye movement and are attached to the outside of each eye. Two muscles in each eye move the eye right or left while the other four muscles move it up or down and control tilting movements. To focus both eyes on a single target, all 6 eye muscles on each eye must work together with the corresponding muscles of the opposite eye. The brain coordinates these eye muscle movements.FOR MORE



>A thin corneal flap is made and raised (110-130 microns)
>The shape of cornea is altered with laser beam
>And then the corneal flap is replaced.
>WINLASIK is a unique facility where in flap is made with blade free Femotsecond laser using the ultimate femtosecond laser machine the LensX. This bladeless, computer technology allows creating predictable flaps with the highest level of precision.
In this innovative procedure we use complete disposables for each eye of the patient. FOR MORE