The flap is made using its high-definition image guided technology.


Now for changing the shape of Cornea with laser beam WINLASIK is having fastest, safest and precise Excimer Laser -The Ex500. This is a new generation LASIK machine which gives high definition vision.

Depending on the patient’s type of power (Myopia, Hyperopia, Mixed Astigmatism etc.,) Corneal Parameters (Steep/Flat/Thin Corneas), Aberration data following surgery options are chosen by WINLASIK
Custom-Q (Asphericity-Guided)
OcuLink (treatments customised by topographic data from the Pentacam / Oculyzer)
Contoura Vision (treatments customised by topographic data from the Topolyzer).
*Contoura Vision is the latest innovation from WaveLight and the recent FDA study approval is based on the best results yet seen in an FDA study on laser vision correction.FOR MORE

Signs of Children’s Vision Problems

1.Consistently sitting close to the TV or holding a book too close : While it is a myth that sitting too close to the TV will ruin your eyes, this habit could be a sign of a vision problem.If your child cannot see televised images clearly or read from books without leaning in close, it could mean he or she is nearsighted


2.Frequent eye rubbingYes, children do often rub their eyes when they’re tired or upset. But if your child rubs his eyes while he’s trying to concentrate on something, or while he is being active, it could mean that he has a vision problem.

3.Sensitivity to light and/or excessive tearing :  Are your child’s eyes particularly sensitive to indoor lighting, sunshine or camera flashes? Children with photophobia, or extreme sensitivity to light, can develop headaches and nausea.And light sensitivity can be a symptom of several eye conditions

4.Avoiding using a computer, because it “hurts eyes.” Digital eye strain is common among children who are frequent users of computers or other digital devices.Have your child take a break every 20 minutes to look at something that is at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds while she is using a digital device. If the eye discomfort persists, take her to see an eye doctor.

5.Squinting or tilting the head to see the class board better :Teachers should be on the lookout for students who have to squint or tilt their heads to see the board. Until an eye exam can be performed, consider moving the child closer to the board for easier viewing

Obstruction or cloudiness of the visual system (deprivation)


Obstruction or cloudiness in the normally clear eye tissues also may lead to amblyopia. Any disorder that prevents a clear image from being focused inside the eye can block the formation of a clear image on the retina and lead to the development of amblyopia in a child. This often results in the most severe form of amblyopia. Examples of disorders that can interfere with projecting a clear image on the retina are a cataract or cloudy lens inside the eye, a cloudy cornea at the front of the eye, a droopy eyelid (ptosis) or eyelid tumor.FOR MORE

What procedure is done in LASIK?

lasik surgery.jpg

During LASIK, a thin corneal flap is made and raised (less than 150 microns) and the shape of cornea is altered with laser beam after which the corneal flap is replaced. The total procedure time on each eye is around 2-5 minutes. The procedure I done under topical anesthesia drops and the patient is asked to look straight, not to move the eyes and be completely relaxed. The surgeon always help the patient by communicating to him/her.FOR MORE

What are the treatment options for Cataract ?


Surgery is the only course of treatment for cataract where the cloudy lens is replaced by an artificial lens know as Intra Ocular Lens – IOL
Earlier method was to cut half circumference of the cornea to bring out the entire lens, later prescribing the thick glasses. This technique was modified by leaving the support intact so that an IOL can be placed and glasses are required though not as thick as in the previous method. Both these methods require a fully ripe lens for easy removal, sutures to close the wound and eye must be made numb through an injection.FOR MORE